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ATARI ST Review magazines were published in the UK and were my first computer magazine subscription.  I spent many hours playing games, testing the utilities/software and using my Atari ST and coding the programs published in the magazines.

The magazines included 720kb floppy disks containing games, demos and other software for the Atari ST range of computers.  Originally the magazines were published by EMAP Images but later the magazines were published by Europress Enterprises and IDG Media.  The magazine saw the Atari ST User magazines incorporated into it as demand for Atari ST magazines dwindled.  Eventually the Atari ST Review magazine was sold to Future Publishing and incorporated into the ST Format magazines.

ATARI ST Review contained sections covering news, game reviews, previews, tips, help guides, reader's letters, buyer's guides and MIDI.

The first issue was published in May 1992, with a total of 35 issues that were published.  The final issue was published in January 1995.

There is an overview written by the Deputy Editor on Wikipedia.  Here is a link to the wikipedia article.

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Below is an archive of the 35 issues of Atari ST Review that were publsihed.  Click on an image to download the PDF copy of the issue.
Issue 01!IMciXZbI!e_w1PZugOLs0npFY0c4SslpRxlKssx8sFIHWjiBfnv4
Issue 02!YQdkiaoY!FWxVJh0SDmOfQUtW2hi4DjnwF0EufvgU0bQVRJd0Fq8
Issue 03!QBUCFICC!tG74TKjVL84GrY9hBdMY2ct_NDaDDv3PBIPUhFbzxxo
Issue 04!wJdQWSBQ!4xIPeWAlTXbJOTPINLlGL0nKvBlejuyUXC8Nm5zr42c
Issue 05!UQ0H2aYJ!GDHMvvJkWfIBDlbiPTgKI1yzGalrnnez_dQiK8m-MHE
Issue 06
Issue 07!FQUmhThT!btNnpVZPkB1eXO4T4Cm9kAgO67I9FJhH4QegQDAUW40
Issue 08
Issue 09!4VNHDZAC!txuTQaCCJFpW3fkuoxKVOd1BIKuvirL_POWa86jPCCE
Issue 10!BJUgBRAA!aAzqr_-Nfmqz8QzioDpk9ITKxAebOLWSS8e3OqWMxkc
Issue 11

Issue 12!RVNzwITD!QAxnLQWFmNdxYXW50qp_kQunEgnKElBhW7UP8nXlNgo
Issue 13!4MMT0RiR!xUzctwGgORVYTtyrDBAEfBYtoHcNeyPz2s--kYWmb4o
Issue 14!INNglZrQ!50mNUgMNQR6oMj2fOv6krSmLS2RntoKJZjTGE7DNido
Issue 15!xY8gDZBb!NIGj6BVnlLl0TBsNm-CefAh1uFNob-5l_3iHWC0VOws
Issue 16!kFsUXRQA!EWEN9VlMNfwpIb_SGy7eXxIeutCCtl3pJPQ9OlZuVs4
Issue 17!pV8wmKQA!JcA8xV-EF3rmgC-LC3ljPzMM2zuBk4BX8SkMEKmOMmA
Issue 18!McNyQJJL!dtl9doRaQQOmTTWnmMCwzPBbiDSfeuZpAVGXvD33znI
Issue 19!gIk1yK5A!HqCrBWXUAvz-U-Y3bbGk4I5vGRsltMvGj0sO0hHuJag
Issue 20!QZkWmSpR!q8A6x71zPci-JBoPVtndUWLP1wRMfJBkUw8-CENEYfI
Issue 21!sFdEFKhB!903uOVroFZeGptZIH1x-B1Y1NkQduoi1TcyLjbfaM7A
Issue 22!VVs2xLZK!PfQBt79CX44YonqzSVOLK_qBu7c11xmEQoiLOCN0Qxg
Issue 23!EIMkkSxA!Q9bEk9P4DYRXbCYEuX-vUUB3v9ZZUJyBKa3T8_6QlDo
Issue 24!1RN1VJKC!g8xBrALDuILDtzwuRaBilmn9V7k56Jv5R8JlBmfx5-Y
Issue 25!ZVUQTKIL!HWD0AeY9Uq_In-Nv0KAibzQTff_q6QLTQMekueDEnb0
Issue 26!tIdyER6K!V1zjyVbKkILEsISs-hOHhu5p8G5XS1xLkgeWLxMj4uk
Issue 27!pJ91jKKJ!-GFkkJ25llGI3RSYGxAl_b2p2GP3VMNEsWNbPlTaiUU
Issue 28!NQ1kwbCS!pBCa40PPV9N19_fA0UR1cKctfvVqu9nVaiTRbcvzLSI
Issue 29!VdVjGT7Y!vo8v32dK4eXB0TF-k27c38IphcWrcIjSA_BB_YF-X68
Issue 30!VclRkQrb!VSKSBobYeNDg9qA8CJSneRrwT_EOfjMn20hvRwPHNyE
Issue 31!xIkGDb7S!Zbt4rKdwaaC_-hTJdCgch0uP-SVQusmZ02yj6KEjjo8
Issue 32!BEc1FZJI!20pTRUBm2qu8AQzYA2DBUPzP9jw60hXWmVA1bCCeEO8
Issue 33!NAUnQIia!lmErmEZBJJ-yYzJ7BB3XuFjUiwy--rTJhsVGq99OEEQ
Issue 34!4EEmVbSL!ZHY5hw4iQn1sYbIjS5LaEdhwy7KIz5sbuax630Bb4ik
Issue 35

                        Supplements &Advertising                            

  A to Z of Hints & Tips
(Cheats and Tips for over 100 ST Games)
Advertisment from issue 08 for
The Home Computer Club
Advertisment from issue 19 for
The Home Computer Club

Advertisment from issue 23 for
The Home Computer Club!sQ9CUAIL!9Mg9gnFHPHQBs_2uNV4aDWGbhxgW1FIYxnc9VMjhySs
32 Page Supplement
with Issue 1

                       Atari ST Review Cover Disks                           

Atari ST Review cover disk contents can be downloaded by clicking on the disk icon.

These disks are in MSA format files zipped.  You will need an Atari Emulator such as Steem or Hatari to use these disks.  Alternately, you could use various tools to write these MSA files back to floppy disk and use them in a real Atari ST.

Most cover disks can also be downloaded from the Zogging Hell website:

                              Cover Disk Labels                                    

Where available, below are hi-res images of the Atari ST Review cover disk labels.

 Issue 01

 Issue 02

 Issue 03

 Issue 04

 Issue 05

Issue 06

 Issue 07
 Issue 08

 Issue 09

Issue 10

Issue 11
Issue 12

 Issue 13

 Issue 14

 Issue 15

 Issue 16

 Issue 17

 Issue 18

 Issue 19

 Issue 20

 Issue 21

 Issue 22

 Issue 23

 Issue 24

 Issue 25

 Issue 26

 Issue 27

 Issue 28

 Issue 29

 Issue 30

 Issue 31

 Issue 32

 Issue 33

 Issue 34

 Issue 35

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