Atari ST Review Coverdisks (downloads)

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Powerplay (Full Game)

S.T.A.C. ST Adventure Creator (Full Program)

First Word Plus X-Control Maccel 3 Rate HD Hisoft Basic Compiler Mirrors Sentinel Takemem

Timeworks DTP

Cyber Paint (Complete Prog) Timeworks clipart Two desk ACCs Hisoft Basic code for use with tutorial

Breakthru (64 track midi sequencer)

Easy Draw 2 (Complete Prog) D-Term (Comms Terminal) Autobort Ramdisk Basic Tutorial Extakey ACC

Easy Money (finance prog) ST Doodle (mono only, 1meg req.) Pic Switch 1.0 Safemenu Procalc (scientific calculator) General GDOS (shows GDOS fonts)
Winx (Expand ST operating system) Gemram (Install GEM into ram for Winx) Let 'Em Fly ( Adds shortcuts to dialogue boxes) Shell Buffer (Stops newdesk.inf files from being corrupted) Silkmouse (Mouse accelerator) Spirit Editor (Text editor for use with Timeworks 2 and on its own) Thurg & Murg (Platform Game)
Equinox Organiser Profile (analyse your system) ECVerter (convert Calamus files to PostScript) SPrint (speed up your printer) LEDPanel (see hard drive access) Ancient (view pitcures in text chars) RDE (ramdisk)
Ez Art Professional (demo) Rainbow (demo) Querg Drafts Everest 3.3 DA Calc Twiddly Resimed (K-Resource image editor) Rsd to Lst (converts K-Resource headers to GFA BASIC)
Premiere Manager 2 (demo, 1 meg only)

Obsession (demo) Speed of Light

ST-Zine International Cricket Feeling Partner
Asteroids Deluxe Paint (Fully Usable) Kaosdesk STOS Updater Files Darklord Screen Saver

Striker (demo) 1st Track (demo) Square Off Powaqqatsi (Chess game) Drachen Expander Pinhead 2.1 STD Catalogue 5.0 plus 6 more utilities

Timeworks DTP cont. BASIC Tutorials Fun Screen corruption utilities

Kid GP (game) Plop (board game) Terradesk (desktop replacement) Finder Tworkbak (Timeworks back up program) Hands On (Midi song) RDE (ramdisk) Picswitch 7 Xmas Clipart for your stationary
Invaders (Full game) Telebook (phone/address database) Grand Prix Manager (demo) RenameIt (name files using almost any ascii chars) Sprint (print spooler) Big Text (Creat large txt for letterheads) Hisoft Basic 2nd part of commands
Easy Tools (use with Easy Draw 2) Frogger Chameleon (Load any ACC any time) Speed of Light (256 colour picture viewer) Cixcomm/Read (Off-line comms prog for CIX. 1 meg only ) Gembench (Bench testing prog)

Flair Paint (Full Program)

Replay Stereo (includes 28 sounds on disk) Mr Smarts Big Time (demo)

Gemview 3 Special Edition (Mono only, 1 meg only) Extensible Control Panel with 22 CPX extensions

Ishar III (demo) (1 meg req)

Family Roots Neodesk 4 (demo) Gemspool Bigcolor Turbogif
Harlekin 2 (full prog) Alibi DM2works Desktracker FozCi Fredwest (printer spooler, not some mass murderer) Horace Music Calculator Loadinf Perfskip Recoverable Trashcan Silkboot SMF player Ultimem 1.00
Ocean's Pushover Easy Storage STOS Graphics
HiSoft Basic DC Mouse Shifter Siren Turbo ST (demo) V clock Abbreviator Picview
Paintpot (Full prog) Mithral (3D animation) Kraska (Fractal art)

Cyber Studio (Full prog) 250 Clip Art Images in IMG format

Cyber Control (1 meg only) Namegram LHARC 201 (fully working) Scrub (secure delete) View (picture viewer) Scan4Pic (tkes Degas pics out of files)

Video Titler Kid Kong Bugs UK Scribe Line Art Font (For Timeworks)

Concerto (24 track midi editor) Kaboom! (Game) Metaview (See GEM pics from the desktop) Keyshow (View fonts char in Write on) Fractgen (Create, save & print fractals)

Easy Base (Full mono database prog. 1 meg only) Digitape (Record direct to disk. Falcon demo) Dark Pearl (Game) Gembench (Multitos compatible system analyser)
K-Resource (complete prog) Kandinsky (req. GDOS or equiv) Selectric Teradesk (desktop replacement)

MasterCAD (mono only, 1 meg req) Kobold (demo) ZX81 Emulator (including programming/editing tools and 12 games)

Eclipse Spectra Imagecopy 3 (demo) Supersam (ST Review version)

Easy Text Professional (Full prog, 1 meg only, requires installing)

Zero 5 (demo) (1 meg required)

Video Editor Deluxe Paint (demo) Personal Data
Dr TIRICC Island Hopping

Aaron (Full game) James 12 (Utility) Hot Shot (Draughts) Typist (Typing tutor) Antibomb (crash informer) ASCIIfy (Convert 1st word txt to ASCII) DC_Fkeys (Assign macros to function keys) Resound (Plays a sample each time you quit a program)

Evader (Complete game) Alarm (Alarm clock) Auto_bak (ACC that deletes any specified extension) Dformat (Formatting prog ACC or PRG + PC disks) Magnify (Magnify area under mouse) Slug (Game) TOS Fixes Which_ST (diagnosis of ST)
Squish (full game)UVK (virus checker)Multidesk (demo)StatsSearcherBoinkHisoft Basic 1st part of commandsFamily TreeClipartMazistMulti Label Collection
Write On Trech (Calculator) Idle (Configurable Screen Saver)

Prospero C Critical Mass (Game)

Timeworks Publisher 2 (Demo Version) 1 meg only.

Calligrapher Proffesional (Full Version)
Spelling dictionaries & thesaurus disks are also included but were not included with the magazine Click Here and Here

Papayrus (Hi-res, 1 meg required) HPChrome 1.5 EpsJet MemWatch

Address (1 meg req) Masterbrowse Boxkite Edhak (demo) One Jack Assign

Easy Text Professional (cont.) Stereo CAD (demo)

Video Supreme (video titler) Egale (file comparer) FSearch Extrakey STDCRS (Standard Desktop Colour Restorer) ST-Guide (online Help including files for FSearch) Bobtrack (Falcon tracker) Dabbel (redirects disk access)